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ADA POWELL, PHD - Psychologist     

Pierre SD

I have over 25 years of experience providing mental health services.  I grew up in Arkansas and moved to Oklahoma in my early twenties.  I raised my family in Oklahoma and worked in various positions, with experiences ranging from working with families, children, veterans, and persons with criminal-justice system involvementI came to South Dakota in 2016 to work at a tribal behavioral health clinic and fell in love with the place.  I decided to relocate my practice to South Dakota, and moved to Pierre, South Dakota in fall of 2017.   I work at the Pierre office full-time and am available for services Monday through Friday.  I do have limited evening and weekend appointments available.  Videoconferencing with persons who live in remote areas or for those who prefer this type of service is also available.  

I help people who have emotional problems, people who struggle with addictions, and people who have are having a tough time dealing with life challenges. In therapy, I listen for what my clients feel is keeping them stuck or frustrated and then encourage and work with them as they make steps to change. If you are struggling with knowing where to begin or discouraged about keeping up with changes you have already made, I can help get you moving forward toward becoming the person you want to be.

I enjoy working with persons who are having family-life problems or difficulty managing relationships. I am unique as a provider because I am able to address mental health, addiction, trauma, grief, chronic pain, adjustment to life and health change, and legal-system involvement. I am happy to complete psychological evaluations for persons referred by health professionals, courts, lawyers, and schools. 

A life of Wellness and Recovery is possible! I am here to help. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Murphy, PHD, MBA - Psychologist  
Pierre SD

I have been practicing psychology for over 30 years. I lived in Memphis, Tennessee for most of my adult life and raised my family there.  I moved to South Dakota in 2015 and have been working in a tribal behavioral health clinic since that time.  I re-located my private practice to Pierre, South Dakota in fall of 2017.  I am available for appointments at the Pierre office on Monday and Friday, and on weekends.  I am available for videoconferencing consultations for evening appointments.  

I enjoy working with clients who function in performance-focused environments. Basically, I help people get better at performing under difficult circumstances. I help my clients discover strategies to function at peak performance, while maintaining their loving relationships and personal emotional health. Family businesses, a specialty of mine, is a good example of a difficult situation in which to balance performance, relationships, and emotional health. Parents with talented children are also in difficult positions trying to encourage top performance while keeping a positive parent-child relationship. Athletes and business owners both must balance actual achievement with personal emotional health in challenging environments - worlds where achievement may be demanded at the cost of emotional health.  While high performers often view emotions as merely hurdles to overcome, I have found that emotions are much more. In fact, it is the healthy management of emotions that helps a performer maintain a long career as a performer. It is the lack of such management that causes potential "stars" to burn out early.  As a business owner & former competitive athlete, I have a personal appreciation for how to perform well under difficult circumstances. I also understand the toll it can take on personal & interpersonal happiness/satisfaction.  I provide support to my clients by helping them learn how to accept and give support. I help the people I work with find ways to succeed by building emotional and performance strengths.

I am happy to complete psychological evaluations for persons referred by health professionals, courts, lawyers, and schools. I have worked as a school psychologist and have expertise in evaluation of children and adolescents.  I customize my evaluations to answer the questions you have, explaining the results in ways that will help your perform better in your life situation. 

I can help you perform better not only in your chosen field but also in your life. Give me a call and schedule a consultation to see what we can accomplish together. I look forward to working with you.

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